The loyal customer agreement system of Silberauto Eesti provides discounts for after-sales services and spare part prices, simplifies the administrative process and exchange of information. The contractual discounts for customers apply at the same conditions in all dealerships of AS Silberauto Eesti. Loyal customer agreements can be formalised in all dealership of AS Silberauto Eesti when a vehicle is bought or when visiting the service department. Entry into a loyal customer agreement is free of charge and contractual discounts can be obtained against presentation of an identity document.

The contractual discount levels of Silberauto are linked to the number and/or service turnover of vehicles acquired from the system of Silberauto Eesti. The basic level of a customer agreement can be obtained if at least one new or used vehicle has been acquired from a Silberauto dealership or if the service turnover of a natural/legal person in the Silberauto system totals at least EUR 1000 per year.

More information about loyal customer agreements is available by calling 626 6666 or writing to

Wholesale customers of the spare parts sale unit are asked to call 626 6084 or write for more information.

The application form of the customer agreement is here